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What is Artonym?

Artomym is a collaborative blog and aggregator of art where a content is moderated by users.

What exactly is stored here?

The site contains list of posts.

One image per one post.

What is the goal of the site?

The main goal of the site is

  • To create permanent feed of art.

Is this usual online art gallery?

Basically no.

The main point is that a content of the site is moderated by users.

This is not a storage of user's pictures and should not be used in this way.

This is not a promotion of authors. This is a promotion of their works.

Users do not have their own galleries. There is only one gallery of all user's uploads.

Users are responsible for the content.

How does it work?

  1. You have works of art that might be interesting to share.
  2. You register on the site.
  3. You create posts and share it between others. Your posts will be created in sandbox.
  4. Users with good rating and enough art coins can rate your posts.
  5. In general users pay you art coins if they like your posts. One art coin per one positive vote.
  6. If you get many positive votes for your posts you will get a possibility to rate posts of other users. Otherwise you will not able and you should upload more.
  7. If a rating of a post exceeds a limit this post will appear on the frontpage.

Why should I register?

Firstly you will get an ability to upload a content.

Also you will be able:

  1. To create your own feed of posts.
  2. To add posts to bookmarks.
  3. To create and follow your friends.
  4. To vote and change the content of the site.
  5. To earn virtual art coins

What is art coin?

Art coins are virtual currency to allow users to vote.

Users earn art coins by uploading good art.

If users like some posts they pay the coins to authors of these posts.

All users have to pay coins each time when they vote. Even if they dislike posts, they need to spend coins.

One art coin per one vote. Regardless positive or negative.

Also the coins regulate how many times you are able to vote. This number must be correlated with your activity.

If you post more, you will get more coins and you will be able to vote more by paying your coins to other users.

What is the sandbox?

This place collects posts which does not have good ratings or have not been voted at all.

What is the post rating?

A rating of a post is the sum up of all user votes that have been made for this post.

Are all users able to rate posts?

No. To have a possibility to rate posts a user must have good reputation and rating.

What is user reputation and rating?

Users are responsible for any their posts.

Votes make a reputation and a rating of author of a post.

Reputation is a percent of positive posts, for example:

  • Reputation 100% means all user's posts have been rated as positive.
  • Reputation 0% means all user's posts have been rated as negative.

Rating is a sum up of all post ratings, for example: Rating 10 means

  • the user has 1 post with rating 10 and 0 posts with negative rating
  • or 2 posts with ratings 5 and 0 posts with negative rating
  • or 2 posts with ratings 6 and 1 post with -2 rating

What kind of works of art may I upload?

Any works of art can be uploaded if you think it is interesting.

But you must not upload images if it is not related to art.

What should I do to have a possibility to rate the posts?

There is only one way: you should create interesting posts and wait for other users.

If they like it you will get a positive rating.

If your rating exceeds some limits you will can get a possibility to vote, to see authors of the posts, tags and more.

What are the action limits?

  • To vote posts a user must have rating not less 5 and reputation not less 26.
  • To view applied post's tags a user must have rating not less 11.
  • To view authors of the posts a user must have rating not less 11.
  • Also if a user has a good rating he will be able to edit/remove posts of other users or to enable/disable users accounts.

Wait a minute, what about of authors and authorship of these works?

Authors do not matter.

Works matter only.

So, am I able to upload art works even if i'm not an author of it?

Basically yes.

If you think that a work might be interesting for the community you should share it.

In case if you have legal rights to do it.

I'm an author and do not see any reasons to share my works on this site

It is up to you to share or not.

If you think that users must see your works only if they will know your name you can ignore this site.

Any way you can define an author of uploaded work in tags. It will let users to find other works of this author.